ATHL Group was founded to make solar energy more efficient and practical. We saw the need to disrupt traditional solutions and revolutionise the way solar energy is harnessed at a commercial and consumer level, allowing for solar energy to work for everyone everywhere.

Our scalable solar energy products and services require a fraction of the space, less maintenance, less direct sunlight, and are available for both small consumers as well as large corporations and institutions.

We bring clean energy sources to the city, enabling buildings to receive power from solar solar cube modules within 3kms of their location. Our solar energy systems are completely modular, low-maintenance, last longer and produce up to 5 times more energy per square metre, making them ideal for communities, buildings and individual homes.


We implement state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum cost. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are locally produced and assembled, with a strong focus on safety, quality and durability.

ATHL Group is consistently creating innovative solutions for new opportunities. We dare to think differently than the rest, hence why we set high standards in the Solar Energy market. We are continuously developing new and improved products with enhanced technologies, ensuring that we improve on our own high expectations.


ATHL was founded with the aim to revolutionize the way renewable energy is harnessed and consumed around the globe. Our disruptive and hyper efficient solar energy solutions exponentially improve solar generation outputs, whilst simultaneously reducing cost and space requirements.

Revolutionize energy production across both commercial and consumer verticals. Empower governments and public sector entities with the most economical energy generation solutions. Become the first ever solar power generator providers for city specific environments.

Learn how to harness the true power of solar energy.

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