We bring clean energy sources to the city, enabling buildings to receive power from solar cube modules within 3kms of their location. Our solar energy systems are completely modular, low-maintenance, last longer and produce up to 5 times more energy per square metre, making them ideal for communities, buildings and individual homes. Due to its innovative features, shape, protective coating and small size, the generator experiences low degree of contamination and is easy to clean when necessary, requiring less maintenance and cleaning expenses.

Our solutions are encapsulated and we do not require a centralized solar park to harness our energy. We implement the installation of generators of different capacities near the object of energy consumption. Due to our unique design and innovations our generator does not require a lot of space and can be installed in a certain place near the object of energy consumption or on the roof of a building. It is mobile, can be placed in a small area and does not require additional costs.


At ATHL we are disrupting how solar energy isharnessed by going high instead of wide, allowing for the first time a purpose-fit solution for urbancities where solar farms are not a viable option. We also understood that demand is not always static. ATHL solar solutions provide mobile power generators where demand for energy is on the move and not always in the same location.


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